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I am a christian and I support gay rights!I am a christian and I support gay rights!
Sorry for terrible quality, this is my first video haha, and i didnt think it was gonna turn out this bad, but whatever, i think it makes a statement.. uh di…


63-the-rise-of-christianity6.3 – The Rise Of Christianity
from dewert, 5 years ago in Spiritual
This covers the origins and rise of Christianity, from Jesus to Paul to persecution to Constantine.

Prison Reform: Obama Administration Responses to Support Prison Fellowship
Crossmap, on Tue, 13 Aug 2013 07:19:31 -0700
Prison reform has been gaining steam in state governments and Congress with the support of Christian groups, conservatives, libertarians and liberals. The Obama administration has now decided it will not be left behind. Attorney General Eric Holder 

Alabama Governor Supports Christian Superintendent’s Prayer …
CULLMAN, Ala. — The governor of Alabama has expressed his support for a public prayer event scheduled for today, which was organized by the Cullman County.

The Gospel Standard, Or, Feeble Christian’s Support
unknown, published unknown, 0 pages

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